What Are The Benefits Of A Whole House Vacuum In Tacoma?


Whole-House-Vacuum-Tacoma-WADo you love to keep a clean house, but find vacuuming a big pain? You should call Lee Built-In Vacuums, Inc. for the installation of a whole house vacuum system in your Tacoma, WA home! It might be just the solution you've been looking for.

What homeowners dislike most about vacuuming is that it is inconvenient, noisy, and not always fully effective. A central or built-in home vacuum system invites no such complaints.

Working similarly as central air conditioning, a central home vacuum system has the vacuum motor and dirt canister installed in a specific chosen location, like the garage. These are connected through ducts installed within the walls to suction vents in different rooms. Any room can be cleaned by attaching a vacuum hose to the vent there.

Thus, by getting us to install a ducted vacuum system, a whole house vacuum can be done by Tacoma residents:

  • With incredible ease
  • Relatively quickly
  • With very little noise inside the home


Why Should You Install A Ducted Vacuum System In Your Whole House?


Ducted-Vacuum-Tacoma-WAAnother benefit that comes from hiring us to install a ducted vacuum system in your Tacoma home is that it cleans everything much better. Compared to the traditional portable vacuum systems, a central home vacuum system uses a significantly stronger motor and larger canister. This means that the use of a ducted vacuum system gives your Tacoma home an infinitely more hygienic, dirt-free, allergen-free indoor environment.

We are so sure you'll be 100% satisfied with your whole house vacuum because we meet your ducted vacuum system needs with products offered by MD Manufacturing, Inc. We are the preferred dealer for this renowned supplier of central vacuum systems that are designed for:

  • Excellent performance
  • Exceptional durability with little maintenance
  • Quiet operation


Contact Us Today For The Best Home Vacuum System On The Market!


Home-Vacuum-System-Tacoma-WAYou can rely on us for the finest home vacuum system available in Tacoma. We provide you with whole house vacuum systems offered by our company which has been in operation since 1961. Our customers know us for supplying products of premium quality.

After we install your central home vacuum system in Tacoma, you will no longer be visiting the store to buy a new vacuum every few years! Best yet, our ducted vacuum system assures you of:

  • Complete removal of dust, dirt, and dander
  • No dust leakage back into the room
  • Easy cleaning for hard-to-reach places

To ask about our whole house vacuum system cost, Tacoma residents can call Lee Built-In Vacuums, Inc. at 253-848-1613.