What Is A Central Vacuum

Lee-Vac Many people we talk to ask us “what is a central vacuum system?” Most of them have heard the term before, but never really understood what people were talking about.

What is a central vacuum system? It is an amazing invention that allows the motor, and dirt canister for your vacuum to be installed in the garage (or other location of your choice). This allows the motor to be made stronger, the canister larger, and still havevery little noise in the house. Vacuuming is then done through a series of small ports in the wall that you can plug a light hose into. The dirt is then carried out to the canister location via pipes through the wall, and dumped into a canister.

A major benefit of having a central vacuum system is for those who struggle with allergies. Central vacuum removes dirt and dust mites from the living area, unlike portable vacuums that exhaust debris back into the room.


Another great feature is the location of the motor and canister, ensuring you are protected from the negative smells and sounds that are sometimes associated with vacuuming a home. Due to the remote location, usually in the garage, you’ll finally be able to vacuum in peace. Never again missing important phone calls or having to turn up the music just to hear it, you’ll love how quiet our M.D. central vacuum system is.

Another huge benefit to having a central vac in your home is the incredible power and canister size. Because we install your new central vacuum canister in your garage, we are able to give you 8-12 gallon capacity. This lets you put off emptying the tank for months at a time.

What is a central vacuum system?

central-vacuum-offer1. Ease of Use & Versatility: Central vacuums were created with ease of use and versatility in mind. There are accessories to clean every area of your home – including your dog! And unlike many vacuums, MD central vacuums are easy to clean!

2. Power & Deep Cleaning: Central vacuums have motors that are up to 5 times more powerful than an upright vacuum, allowing you to pull more dirt from carpets. Electric and air powered brushes are available for any type of home.

3. Allergy Relief: When using a central vacuum system, dust and allergens are vacuumed out of the living area. This has been proven to make your house cleaner and reduce the effects of allergies. NOTE: Central Vacs are not a cure for allergies.

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4. Less Noise: With the central vacuum located out of the living area, there is less noise when vacuuming. Also, the patented, innovative technical characteristics of the SilentMastermakes sure this central vacuum is a leader in the field of quiet operation.

5. Sick of Portable Vacuum: Are you tired of lugging your heavy vacuum everywhere? Then a central vacuum is for you. Not only are they lighter, but there is no dirt kicked back into the air. When you're ready to make the switch, we will be here.

6. Great for Garages & Cars: Central vacuums are great for cleaning your home, and they are conveniently located to clean your cars and garage as well. Accessories are available to help you detail your car and garage.


7. Don’t Forget a Vac Pan: The perfect hard surface floor accessory. Broom cleaning is a breeze – simply engage the toe-kick for suction, sweep away and you’re done!

8. Cost Saving & Added Value: Unlike portable vacuums, central vacs are built to last. They add instant value to your home, are durable, and will save you money from buying common house vacuums every few years. Test the difference today.