hide-a-hose-1Hide-A-Hose is an incredible space and time saving invention for any new home under construction. Each Hide-A-Hose inlet is able to store up to 60 feet of easily extended and retracted hose. Hide-A-Hose not only helps you clean your home, but it also saves time and energy. And no more having to store a portable vac cleaner!

With hide-a-hose all you do is walk up to the central vacuum system outlet, pull out however much hose you need, and start vacuuming. When you’re done, hold your hand over the end of the hose, and it quickly retracts back into its storage spot inside your walls.

No more tangled hoses or portable vacuum cluttering your closet. No more lugging your portable vac up the stairs. No more replacing your portable cleaner every few years. Just a simple, powerful, and convenient solution to all your cleaning needs.

At LEE BUILT-IN VACUUMS, we have our own expert technicians installing these systems.


  • Hide-A-Hose and MD Mfg. have teamed up to provide you with the perfect combination of convenience plus power and noise reduction.
  • Eliminates hose storage
  • Perfect for any size home
  • Owner operated local business

Call LEE BUILT-IN VACUUMS today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and give you a free estimate.


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