Central Vacuum Installation Services for Auburn Area Residents


A Central-Vacuum-Auburn -WAcentral vacuum system is a must have for any modern home. At Lee Built-In Vacuum, we offer central vacuum installation services for residents in the Auburn area.

We can work with your building contractor while you’re planning to build a new house and get the central vacuum system installed alongside the regular fittings.

Once you move into your house, the central vac will be ready for use. A central vac is a one-time investment that will give you continuing benefits for years to come. Some advantages of a central vac system are:

  • Central vacuum system is more powerful than a regular vacuum cleaner
  • Central vacuum system is easy to use and requires little maintenance
  • Central vacuum system is cleaner and doesn’t cause odors or noxious smells


Central Vacuum System Benefits for the Auburn Area Homeowner


InstCentral-Vacuum-System-Auburn-WA 2alling a central vacuum system in your Auburn area home can help you to clean the house more efficiently.

The central vacuum system offers noiseless operation as the motor and dirt canister are installed in a location away from your living areas. You can get the central vac motor installed in your garage or basement as per your preference.

As all the dirt is collected away from your living area, your house will have a much cleaner environment. Here are some more advantages of getting a central vacuum system in your Auburn, WA area home:

  • A central vac keeps your house free from dust, pollen, and dirt
  • A central vac is noiseless to operate so you can work in peace
  • A central vac is easy to use in all rooms and clean tough to reach areas


Why Choose Us to Install a Central Vac in the Auburn Area?


FCentral-Vac-Auburn-WAor vacuum system installation in the Auburn area, you can rely on us to provide you with timely installation and excellent post-installation services.

We understand the requirements of Auburn area residents when it comes to central vacuum systems and provide services that meet all these requirements.

When you need services that are on time, within your budget and up to your satisfaction standards, you can simply get in touch with us. You should consider our services in the Auburn area as:

  • We use top quality central vac system units supplied by MD Manufacturing Inc.
  • We can work with building contractors to install a central vac in a new construction
  • We offer prices that are honest and affordable

Give us a call at 253-848-1613 today to know more about our services in the Auburn area.