Built In Vacuum Services – Installation, Maintenance and Repairs


If you own a central vacuum cleaner you are aware of the incredible convenience, the ability to reach tough spots that collect dust, no power cords, no filter issues, and its lightweight easy-to-use advantages.

One of the premier advantages of owning a built in vacuum is its simple, basic and infrequent maintenance. However, because central vacuum systems are usually in use for years without proper service of the motor or cyclone system, their performance and longevity may be hindered.

We have built a strong reputation in the central vacuum service industry based on:

  • Expert quality installations, maintenance and repairs
  • Our ability to service most brands and makes of central vacuum cleaner systems
  • A well-trained technical staff that provides quick troubleshooting response
  • Use of high quality specific components and fittings

Call Lee Built-In Vacuum if you are experiencing a performance issue or failure to operate correctly. We will talk with you on the telephone about your specific issue, set up an appointment for central vacuum service, troubleshoot it and make repairs or replacements as needed.

We Service Most Brands of Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems


We make it easy for you to protect your investment in a built in vacuum installation when you are experiencing performance problems.

As a full central vacuum service provider, we employ service technicians that are knowledgeable and trained to install, maintain and repair most brands and makes with services that are backed with our satisfaction guarantee.

These are some of our central vacuum cleaner maintenance and repair services:

  • Built in central vacuum system installations
  • Air leaks
  • Electrical systems
  • Motor and module
  • Unclogging of the system
  • Routine maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency

Whatever brand or make of your built in vacuum, we can maintain and service the majority of systems.

Call us for central vacuum service, installation, repair or maintenance.

Why Choose Us for Central Vacuum Service?


Claims by the University of California Davis School of Medicine indicate that allergy symptoms can be improved by up to 61% when using a built in central vacuum cleaner system.

A built in vacuum is a wise consumer investment that provides powerful cleaning and a healthy indoor environment.

We are in the business of servicing, repairing and maintaining the majority of makes and brands to ensure optimum efficiency.

These are some of the reasons to choose us for central vacuum service or installation:

  • Our ability to service most brands and makes of central vacuum cleaner systems
  • Highly-trained technicians with experience in installation and service
  • Advanced techniques and diagnostic skills
  • Preventative maintenance options
  • An installation team equipped with latest tools and products
  • Our dedication to keeping your system operating efficiently

Call Lee Built-In Vacuum and tell us about your built in vacuum issues. You can set up an appointment with us for quick response troubleshooting, repairs or replacement as needed. 253-848-1613