Built-In Vacuum Services for Sumner Residents


built-in-vacuum-sumner-waDo you wish to maintain clean and healthy interiors, but cannot spare much time or effort for vacuuming? It is time you stopped using a portable vacuum cleaner and installed a built-in vacuum system.

Lee Built-In Vacuums, Inc. can help. We are a preferred dealer for the leading international supplier of central vacuum cleaner systems, MD Manufacturing, Inc.

Compared to portable vacuums, having our central or built-in vacuum system in your Sumner, WA property offers you several benefits, such as:

  • Reduced noise on operation
  • Ease of use, with no need to haul the system around
  • Stronger suction and easier, frequent cleaning of dust collection
  • No leaking dust back into the room

Apart from supplying built-in vacuum systems to Sumner residents, we also offer a number of built-in vacuum services. We specialize in central vacuum system installation, central vac repair or replacement and central vacuum service.


We Service Most Brands of Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems


central-vacuum-cleaner-sumner-waJust like other appliances, central vacuum cleaner systems in Sumner properties need regular maintenance to keep running at their best.

We are happy to take care of your central vacuum service needs, whether the system has been supplied by us or not. Our skilled technicians are experienced at working on equipment offered by most of the central vacuum cleaner brands.

We can service built-in vacuum systems of all sizes, no matter how big or small they are, or what size property they clean. Our crew completes all the central vacuum service jobs to the highest quality standards.

The maintenance work done by our professionals on central vacuum cleaner systems in Sumner includes:

  • Inspecting all central vac parts for proper functioning
  • Unclogging filters and hoses
  • Confirming correct storage of hoses
  • Detecting budding issues to ensure their timely repair


Why Choose Us for Central Vacuum Service in Sumner?


central-vacuum-service-sumner-waWhen it comes to the upkeep of an important and valuable installation like a built-in vacuum, you simply cannot settle for sub-par services!

Protect your investment and make it go a long way by hiring us for central vacuum service in Sumner. With us, you and your central vacuum cleaner system are in capable, reliable hands.

We bring you the peace of mind that comes from working with a:

  • Family-owned and operated company
  • Long-standing, highly reputable business
  • Proven specialist at central vacuum service and maintenance

Is it time for routine servicing of the central vacuum cleaner system in your Sumner property? Call Lee Built-In Vacuums, Inc. at (253) 848-1613.