Stealth Attachment Kit



LEE BUILT-IN VACUUMS also offers the Stealth powerhead, which is the finest available --- virtually impossible to break a belt. If you vacuum up a sock or the fringe on a rug, the powerhead automatically shuts off before harming the motor or breaking a belt. The Stealth Attachment kit comes with the following products: Stealth Power Brush, Electric Hose, 4-piece Tool Set, Main Telescopic Metal Wand, Secondary Telescopic Wand, Wire Hose Hanger, 2 Wand Wall Clamps, and a Clip-on Tool Caddy.


The Stealth Brush features:
  • Lifetime Belt Warranty
  • Computerized Shutdown Protection
  • Extremely Quiet Operation
  • Multi-level Height Adjustment
  • Chevron-design Brush Bristles
  • Low Profile Head
  • 14” Wide Cleaning Width
  • Non-marking Rubber Tires
  • 180º Swivel
  • 24-Bar Motor Commutator
  • 5,000 RPM
  • Lexan & ABS (best material available)