Inspired Products for Easy Cleaning


Manta Mop Head
Vacuums and dusts your hard floors.
Shutter Blind Tool
Cleans your blinds quickly and easily.
Centra Mop
Simultaneously vacuum and damp-mops hard surface floors for effortless time-saving cleaning.
Ceiling Fan Brush
Cleans the top and sides of fan blades in one pass, without putting your life in danger!
TopDog Groomer
Large brush lifts loose hair easily!
Adjusts up to 36 inches long.
14-inch Deluxe Brush
Wide hard floor brush combined with strong suction power makes cleaning quick!
6-inch Upholstery Tool
Lets you clean padded surfaces like sofas, in record time.
Round Dusting Brush
Gently and deeply cleans window sills, keyboards, knick-knacks, and more.
Crevice Brush
Gently and effectively dusts hard-to-clean surfaces.
RugRat Mini-Turbine
A must-have accessory for stairs and vehicles, this brush works wonders.
Maintenance Cloths
Will clean, deodorize, maintain and test your entire built-in system!
8 Gal Bags
Basic Garage Kit
12 Gal Bags
Up and Over Kit
Hose Socks
Give your hose the soft touch form-fitting, Soft & durable.
30' $33.99
35' $39.99